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Midland Motorcycle School Perth WA

How will I learn?

My program begins in a carpark where I teach your riding skills, from there to come out on the road following me as you practice your riding skills.

Basic skills to be covered are - Clutch control to move and change gears. Throttle control for safe movement and smooth acceleration/deceleration. Braking to slow and stop safely and quickly if the need arises.

These skills will be practiced so that you are able to control the motorcycle anywhere.

On the road I teach hazard perception and safe and preferred riding positioning. My aim is to teach you the skills for safe and fun riding after you have passed your practical test.

Please feel free to ask questions at anytime. The question that you feel too silly to ask may be the one that will keep you safe!

The guidelines for a pass in a license situation are quite stringent and require more than a rider being able to just ride a bike. The examiner will look for a demonstration of bike handling skills, safe road positioning, observation and a good working knowledge of the road rules along with confident riding.

All of this will be taught to you during your program and you will be advised of when I think you would be getting ready to undertake your test. I will also advise you of when I don't think you will go so well. I won't stop you from attempting a test unless I personally think your skill level isn't safe.

I provide helmets with an attached intercom for rider-to-rider communication, but if you have your own, you are welcome to wear it, I can fit intercoms to most helmets.

Please consider the wellbeing of others, if you have symptoms of cold or flu or other contagious things, do the right thing and postpone your lessons. If you present yourself for a lesson with symptoms, you will likely be refused your lesson.

Midland Motorcycle School Perth WA

Midland Motorcycle School Perth WA