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Midland Motorcycle School Perth WA

Getting a permit

First head into your local Dept of Licensing. Take $90.00 along with sufficient identification to satisfy the Licensing Dept. (check with Licensing as charges may change, Go to the enquiries counter to start the testing procedure.

You will be required to do an eye chart test for vision and then a road rules question test, multiple choice answers.

Once you have passed these tests then you go and pay for your learners permit.

It is strongly recommended to seek professional lessons even if you know how to ride a bike as the assesors are after a very particular way of riding.

Once you have a permit you can now organise lessons with myself to learn the basics in a safe carpark.

Learning to ride will be inclusive of motorcycle familiarisation and learning controls. Movement and turning and gear changing and braking.

Once that you demonstrate a competence to operate the motorcycle then we will ride on the road around quiet suburban streets to gain confidence and reinforce the learning process including road positioning and keeping yourself safe on the road.

During your riding progression you will be taken to busier roads and around possible testing circuits for familiarisation.

During all the learning process there will also be lots of focus on sensible riding techniques and road and hazard perception.

Once your skill level is up to a standard then you will attempt an independent practical test through the licensing centre.

*NB - The learners permit does allow you to ride a motorcycle in its respective class so long as you are accompanied by another licensed rider or with a licensed rider as passenger and the person instructing must have held an appropriate class license for a min of 3 yrs. You must bring your learners permit at all lessons.